We are Bethlehem CARES

Champions for Antiracism and Reinforcing Equity in Schools

We are a group of community members who have made a commitment to speak up and take action towards dismantling systemic racism in the Bethlehem Central School District, in collaboration with our district leadership. We are committed to having hard conversations, actively promoting antiracist policies, and advocating for marginalized communities. We seek to create an empathetic and inclusive school community that takes into account overlapping identities and experiences.

Why are we committed to tackling systemic racism in Bethlehem, and specifically in the schools?

  • Children we know have been directly impacted by racist acts in our school environment and these incidents of racism diminish all of us.

  • Every student in our district must feel safe at school and deserves to be honored for the person they are, embraced for their cultures, and recognized for their individual potential.

  • All students, from K-12, must be taught the history of underrepresented groups to prepare them to participate fully in society and thrive as global citizens.

We envision an inclusive school district that fosters crucial and courageous conversations and actions.

Bethlehem CARES is non-partisan, but we take positions on issues within the Bethlehem Central School District that are relevant to our mission. View our positions here.